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time, date: 09:54, 11.06.2012
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BOWIM SA is one of the major and independent distributor of steel products on Polish market.


The core business of the company is trading of steel products, including sheets, profiles, rods and tubes. Product distribution is done through its own sales network, which includes a logistics – distribution center in Sosnowiec, the stock in Sławków and nine distribution brenches.


BOWIM SA also manufactures prefabricated reinforcement and sheet metal cutting.




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time, date  09:15:09 20.11.2017
  • Current rate (PLN) [TKO] 3.33
  • Change (%) [TKO] -3.20
  • Change (PLN) [TKO] -0.11
  • Price (PLN) 3.44



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